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Welcome To Anukasan Counseling

The mind has the power to change any negative situation into positive life-enhancing growth. Through counseling and hypnotherapy at Anukasan, I help patients achieve their mental-health goals in a supportive environment. Whether you are struggling with depression, an addiction issue,a personal loss, fears or phobias, or compulsive behaviors, we are here to help. Call Charlton today for a phone consultation.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is being neither fully awake or asleep yet being conscious of our surroundings. Patients in this trance-like state are susceptible to suggestions because the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious is revealed.

Hypnosis is often referred to as a focused, relaxing trance state in which someone is open to suggestions of behavior modification. This is similar to the altered state we may see in hypnotized people who are compliant to the suggestions of a hypnotherapist at a show. The altered state of consciousness changes the way that the brain functions, and in a clinical setting, patients are open to suggestions. A therapist suggests ideas and actions on how to more positively deal with problems and the ideas become absolutely real to the patient. Counselors can also use a state of hypnosis to extract deeply buried information from patients in order to better understand a problem or life issue. These approaches not only make hypnosis an effective method for unearthing matters surrounding a problematic issue, but allow the brain to change the way it sees the issue and reacts to it; healing and recovery occur.

Hypnosis can also have a positive effect on the body for people experiencing habits like smoking, weight control issues, relaxation, sexual or sports performance, and trauma resolution. Hypnosis is also effective for fertility patients who are experiencing anxiety surrounding their difficulties in getting pregnant.

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