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Welcome To Anukasan Counseling

The mind has the power to change any negative situation into positive life-enhancing growth. Through counseling and hypnotherapy at Anukasan, I help patients achieve their mental-health goals in a supportive environment. Whether you are struggling with depression, an addiction issue,a personal loss, fears or phobias, or compulsive behaviors, we are here to help. Call Charlton today for a phone consultation.


Therapy Rates

Many psychotherapists in Colorado are charging $150 or more, and they only offer traditional therapy techniques without the benefits of hypnotherapy. At Anukasan, our hourly rate is only $120. I have clients that come from as far away as New Mexico and Wyoming for my specialty counseling services. I can also work with clients via telephone and Skype. You are never too far away to benefit from therapy or improve your life. Your ability to pay may also be assessed if you need a sliding scale rate. To make it easier for patients to pay for therapy, I accept credit cards.

Stop Smoking:

I have helped more than 1,000 people stop smoking including friends, family, and tobacco addicts who have had the habit for more than 40 years.

My success rate is over 98% and if you are not done smoking in the first four sessions, you may have four more free sessions over the next 45 days.

The cost for the smoking cessation hypnotherapy program is $600 paid at or before our first session. Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is easy and virtually effortless. If you smoke a pack a day, the cessation program pays for itself in only four months and provides you with a lifetime of clear lungs and improved health.

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