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Welcome To Anukasan Counseling

The mind has the power to change any negative situation into positive life-enhancing growth. Through counseling and hypnotherapy at Anukasan, I help patients achieve their mental-health goals in a supportive environment. Whether you are struggling with depression, an addiction issue,a personal loss, fears or phobias, or compulsive behaviors, we are here to help. Call Charlton today for a phone consultation.


Addiction Recovery Assistance

Drug, alcohol, and sexual addiction are growing epidemics in our society. All addiction consists of both physical and psychological factors that make it extremely difficult to stop. Even after someone has successfully completed the withdrawal phase, sobriety may be difficult to maintain and an inner battle often continues. Counseling and hypnotherapy are effective support systems for preventing a person from returning to their addictive behaviors.

Often, we want to stop the addictive behavior, but something seems to hold us back. Even if we understand the reasons for our addiction through counseling, overcoming addiction can be extremely difficult. Hypnotherapy is used on a deeper level to address underlying problems and roadblocks which may be holding us back from real sobriety. By tapping into our subconscious minds, we can overcome the things that may be keeping us stuck in negative behavior patterns, and help ensure a lifetime of sobriety.

A personalized treatment program can help addicts on the road to recovery with or without the assistance of a 12-step program. Patients are given the tools of self-hypnosis as a ready-to-use tool if the temptation to use exists.

Anukasan Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy has significant experience in dealing with habituated and dependant behaviors such as alcoholism, addiction, and codependency. Anukasan has helped many alcoholics and addicts to recover from seemingly hopeless states of mind and body. These approaches can be used in concert with 12-step meetings to help clients bolster their recovery. These meetings may be suggested, but are not a requirement of treatment.

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