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Welcome To Anukasan Counseling

The mind has the power to change any negative situation into positive life-enhancing growth. Through counseling and hypnotherapy at Anukasan, I help patients achieve their mental-health goals in a supportive environment. Whether you are struggling with depression, an addiction issue,a personal loss, fears or phobias, or compulsive behaviors, we are here to help. Call Charlton today for a phone consultation.


I Help Patients With:

•Phobias, fears, and anxiety
•Sleep disorders
•Post-trauma anxiety
•Grief and loss
•Stopping smoking
•Habits and overeating
•Crisis management

Exploration is the key to finding direction; I guide my clients toward a better understanding of their experiences in a safe, comfortable environment. We will discuss life's successes and disappointments and use them to eliminate undesirable feelings or behaviors.

At Anukasan Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy, we know that the mind has the power to change its response to any situation. Through counseling and hypnotherapy, I provide my clients with a better understanding of their life experiences, both past and present. This opens the door to a better, healthier life and new possibilities.

Using my 19 years of experience with helping others change, I guide patients in achieving their goals and dreams. Together, in a supportive environment, we work through the issues in your life that keep you depressed, anxious, or fearful. Self-hypnosis is a major tool emphasized in our work

Positive-change psychotherapy propels you towards a better future and has the ability to enable the mind to change its reaction to a situation, event or object from a negative and intense response to a positive healthy one. Hypnosis can alter intensely negative emotional feelings attached to a person, situation or event triggering you over-respond to. Using a combination of counseling and hypnosis, control of emotions are regained. No more sweaty palms, sense of doom, racing heart beat, or distracting thoughts.

My goal is to look at each person individually and help them to find healing and trust in themselves again. I will help you achieve your goals and dreams, working through the blocks and patterns in your life. Whether you struggle with fears and anxiety, need support with grief counseling or depression, want to stop smoking and addictive behavior, or need help with compulsive behavior; you will see amazing results.




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